Back in Ensenada - Hual Out and Repairs

These two pictures are of Eddie, son of Ed and Barbara, teaching Nico how to ride.

Many had tried.

Eddie, with patience and good humor, succeeded.

Nico is now a proud cyclist regularly seen spinning around the Marina. He knows not to the ride on the finger docks.

Andrew turned 16. For those who know the reference, "the cake was not a lie" on this occassion. It was a special request met surprisingly well by the local Soriana supermarket.
It is a tradition in our family that you get three parties on your birthday: a breakfast, an inhouse dinner and a restaurant dinner. Clare made beignet for his breakfast, I cooked him a steak dinner an then we took Drew to Boules Restaurant in Ensenada for his restaurant dinner. Bromy and Jeff from Queensland joined us.

WONDERFUL FOOD! Really nice people.

Boules is on the beach. It has a Boules court (bring your own balls) and stunning views. On Monday evenings, sometimes an ex-professional Boules player gives lessons.
Slided cucumber with clamate dressing and red pepper salt.
Chocolate clam Ceviche (almost as good as Muelles Tres).
Sal y Salsas - which ranged from mild to picante to "gringo killer".
Stylish plates.
Quesadilla de Brie. The cheese is produced locally at the Cave.
Fresh pasta.
Lamb with huitlacoche risotto.  The lamb was perfectly done (medium rare) and the risotto wonderful. Who would have thought that "Corn Smut" (Ustilago maydis) could taste that good.
And very elegant Petits fours glacés for dessert. OK, ok, small iced brownies.


We returned to Baja Naval to have our haul out and bottom paint done. The next four images are "BEFORE" photographs for my records showing the condition of Ironbarque's underwater hull. No major damage. The bow thruster tunnel is in good shape.

We moved into an hotel for the first two nights after Ironbarque was hauled out onto the dry. After that we had had enough and moved back up the ladders to stay on board.
Clare and the little kids are back into their Ensenada routine. Friday is sewing day at the C E ARTE and not to be missed.
Bella is back at dance.
Painting at Paula's.
Nico and Bella riding the little "train" that runs along the Muelles.

View from Ironbarque's deck into the yard (left) and the vista of Ensenada harbour.
The kids adapted quickly to life up the ladder and are very proud of their big boat.
This is the view of Baja Naval from outside on the main street in front of the three gold heads (busts of the heroes of Mexican Independence).

Note the "bald palm tree" - that's Ironbarque.

The pictures below are "AFTER" shots of elements of the work. So for the record, we had the following done:

1. One coat of hard and then three coats of ablative anti-fouling.

2. Repair to the trailing edge of the keel bulb andto the keel joint.

3. Repair of cracking/rust on the bow platform. No structural damage.

4. Autoprop polished and serviced.

5. The topsides were washing with AwlWash.

Once done, they fit the travel lift around Ironbarque......

Get her into the sling.....
Pull out the props......
And then awayyyyyy we go.
98,000lbs / 44.45 tonne on the scales
Ironbarque is lowered into the water, the slings removed and the travel lift retreats.
Roberto Comacho - our project manager.

Thank you, Roberto.

Not a scene from Iwo Jima, but re-attaching the inner and main jib stays.
Everything went well up to this point.  We started our exit from the slipway and the over heat alarm on the main engine blared. We had had a loud speaker put up in the hatch way so this alarm would be heard even above an howling wind. IT WORKED!. Many thanks to the Castros Brothers for fitting this most useful siren. We were able to shut down before the engine was damaged.

The raw water impeller, new in La Cruz before coming up to Ensenada, had utterly destroyed itself. The Baja Naval crew found the problem and fixed same in time for us to still make it back into Cruiseport Marina on the ebbing tide.