June 5 2011 - Departing La Cruz for Ensenada

Bella and Nico saying goodbye to friends.
Ready to go
The exit from Nayarit Marina.
Dad taking Ironbarque out.
Boy wrestling with a fender.
Sailor girl
Fairwell food
Dolphins + Birds + Bait fish =
BLUEFIN!. Sushi anyone?
Dissection lessons.
It was calm the day we left.

Hurrican Adrian was to the south of us and pushing up towards us. We motored through a calm June 6th to Carbo San Lucas.

We arrived early on the morning of June 7th having stooged around off the Cabo waiting for daylight from about 03:00 hours.

As we came into port, a tourist was practicing walking on water. Across the narrow entrance to the harbour. Ho hum.

We stayed in Cabo San Lucas only overnight to fuel, have a day ashore and then left the next morning early.
Bella hoisting the Ensign
Cruiseships anchor outside the harbour.
Dad at the wheel.
The landmark rocks at the cape before you round into the Pacific.
Bella took watch soon after leaving Carbo
Bella decide she WOULD capture dolphins on the camera.

The lower picture shows the combination of feeding birds and dolphins that we learnt to associated with good fishing.

A butterfly finding refuge offshore.
A beautiful sunset
By the time we had gotten to Bahia Magdalena.....
A colder wind was picking up
The entrance Bahia Magdalena.
Dad setting up the fishing line... again.
We went into Mag Bay but found the anchorage too exposed to a building wind. We also found dense schools of these small crustaceans that were sucked into our raw water inlet. There were so many we had to drain the sieve.
Matt on watch. Rover at the helm
The weather picked up.
We blew yet another reefing line and this time we snagged the furling drum guard and sheered off a piece of the casting in the process. Repairs were made on the fly to the drum.
We put a rent in the mainsail heading towards Bahia Tortuga trying to unstick a mainsail track car and patched it on the fly at sea.  We arrived at Turtle Bay on June 11th and took the time to properly oversew the repair.
Drew found directing others at the task to be quite demanding and took a rest.
Clare over-sewing the patch.
Work done Matt clears up.
And for my next great talent....
We left June 13th. The weather was overcast, cool and calm.
And it stayed that way for about half a day with a beautifully sunny midday. Another day, another bonito.
Et tu, Brute. Nico amusing himself in Roman garb.
The wind picked up again as we rounded Isla Cedros
The angle of heel!
We tacked our way up through Bahia Sebastián Vizcaíno and enjoyed the Baja Bash. We heard other boats heading for anchorages and the Mexican Coast Guard giving a small boat warning. Ironbarque just pushed through it all and Clare baked on to keep up morale. Gusts to 35 knots and 12 foot seas made the trip noisy.

Matt at watch
Bella proved that you CAN catch dolphins breaking the water. I am so glad we have a digital camera - the cost of the film would have ruined me.
June 15h dawned grey and foggy. Isla de Todos Santos guards the southern approach to Ensenada.
The kids on the morning of arrival. That is Drew all rugged up.
The seal lions lolling about as we entered the harbour.  They apparently recognized Clare from her forrays against their incursions into the Marina and saluted her as one does a potent adversary.
We slipped into Cruiseport Marina
Once formalities were done, we settled quickly back into marina life. This is Paper bag man - one of Nico's many persona.
Nico's sea bed complete with his sword and shield.
I started fishing from the dock, again. We had to put this one back.
Bird on the wind generator. The bait fish were running thick and the kingfishers have settled into the Marina.
We got back to tasks fairly quickly to tidy the boat. Matt and I stripped the cores/sheaths out of tired dock ropes and Bella crocheted the cores into a fender guard to keep the boat clean.
Clare and Bella caught up with Sue over a Pimps and Cucumber sandwich lunch.
Pete kept out of sight except to steal the sandwiches.