Central Mexico - Ajijic

We set out from La Cruz in Nayarit for a road trip Mexican style.á Herding cows on the side of the highway.

Our first stop was in the lakeside town of Ajijic , where we stayed in the hotel Nueva Posada. View of surrounding hills from hotel on Lake Chapala

The Hotel room door.

View of Lake Chapala from our hotel balcony

Central hall of hotel Nueva Posada in Ajijic.

Entry stairs in Ajijic

Foyer in hotel Nueva Posada in Ajijic

Horse-riding on the shore of Lake Chapala

Weaving on the shore of Lake Chapala

Weaving for sale on Lake Chapala

On the shore of Lake Chapala

The water level has receded significantly

Color on the pier in Ajijic

In the streets of Ajijic

Local color in Ajijic

Colorful streets in Ajijic

Zocolo AIjijic

Church in the zocolo square

Pedestrian walkway and public fountain Ajijic

Church fašade Ajijic

Church interior Ajijic

Decorative street barrier and wall mural Ajijic

Ceramic mural representing the struggle for independence with Miguel Hidalgo in the centre.

Painted wall Ajijic

Birds nesting on electric wires

Streetscape Ajijic

Street corner Ajijic

Entryway Ajijic

Hotel restaurant courtyard on the lake

Trompe l’ouill in restaurant courtyard

Toy carriage in restaurant grounds

Lake Chapala

Nico had to wait a long time for service

Hotel garden on the lake

Hotel garden on the lake

Bella in the hotel grounds

Bird in the grounds of the hotel

Painting of the parochial church on the hotel stairway

Hotel roof terrace

Sunset from the roof terrace

Roof terrace

Bella on a balcony with a bike

Leaving Ajijic we headed for the higher elevations around Mexico City