Enjoying Life Back in La Cruz

Basket weaver in the Sunday market

Vendors at the Sunday market .

Vendors around the bay at the Sunday market.

Taking a swim break

Catch of the Day in the fish market

Ice cold giants

Wheeling in the catch

Face painting by Kenta Anae

This was the closest we got to the Dallas Cowboys Cheer Leaders who came for a cooking class on a break from shooting their calendar.  Everyone was promised a photo with them by the people organizing the cooling class but their minders had other thoughts.

We arrived back in La Cruz in the midst of their 9 day lead up to the Feast of the Holy Cross, which is the town’s feast day.  Every single morning at 6am rockets were let off to call the faithful to mass

The town square and side streets were taken up with rides, side shows, and food vendors The candy stalls look like an Aladdin’s cave.  There were open air bars selling drinks in raw earthenware beakers.

The most ingenious business was the beer stand where you had to throw rocks to smash beer bottles in order to win a can of beer.  If all three rocks smashed a bottle you won a six-pack. It was a right of manly passage to earn your beer this way. Ken tried and got his beer; for about the price in the supermarket. The trick is to pick the heavy rocks.

Algodones a zucar(cotton candy).

Throw a dart at the spinning wheel and win your family a bucket of snacks for the evening

After the 7am mass on the town’s feast day everyone was treated to tamales and hot cinnamon drink.

Tamale and hot drink after mass

Isabelle enjoying her tamale

This group of Mariachi singers played and sang the most sublime music for the mass.

Huichol dancers with peacock feather head dresses and seed pod anklets led the procession into the church

The windows are open stone arches through which a gentle breeze drifted

The church was lined with flowers

The crucifix in La Cruz is very graphic

The noon parade was led by a team of runners from the neighboring town.

Horse riders from Bucerias trot down main street with the town cross in the background decorated for the festival.  When it is the festival in Bucerias, the people of La Cruz process there in decorated fishing boats by sea (see the earlier post)..

Horsemen arrive at the church

Under the trees in the town square

Beautiful costumes

Two generations

At the end of the parade was a still life of Jesus with two followers in a boat draped with nets filled with real fish

The next festivity was Mothers’ Day.  The La Cruz Kids’ Club put on a fundraiser tea in the roof-top sky bar

Terri and Joy dressed for the occasion

The crew of Andiamo III delivering goodies to the tables

Bella was a waitress, too, and both girls wore crocheted flower necklaces made by Isabelle.

Alvaro Ortiz is a renowned Huichol artist.  He has a bead covered VW bug on display in Mexico City and is currently working on beading an entire Grand Piano for the Cervantes Festival in Guanajuato in October.

Alvaro gave weekly classes in Huichol art at the marina.  Here he is helping Isabelle finish off a project at his stall after class.

Isabelle’s breakfast creations for Mothers’ Day on the boat

Really yummy apple nut bread drizzled with maple icing

Mothers’ Day is celebrated on May 10th in Mexico , which was on a Tuesday.  The town square was filled with families coming to see a performance of folklorico dancing by the local school children’s

Door prizes waiting to be claimed

Folklorico dancers

Folklorico dancers

Dancers after the show

The La Cruz Kids’ Club meets three times per week in the afternoons for fun activities.  Here they are filling up water balloons.....

Ready for a fight.....