San Sebastian a L’Oeste

We drove up into the mountains to the colonial silver town of San Sebastian a L’Oeste

On the way to San Sebastian we stopped at a tequila distillery.  Here the chunks of the base of the agave plant have been roasted in a wood oven.  The sugars are concentrated and the fibers taste very sweet.

The oven in which the agave plants are roasted

Once the roasted agave has fermented for a week with natural yeasts they are boiled in the tub over a wood fire and distilled twice through this system.

The agave fermenting in spring water.

The wood fire below the distiller.

The distilling vat smelt quite potent

Only the base of the agave plant is used to make tequila.  It takes seven years for an agave plant to mature so you see fields of different sized plants, each readying at different times

Blackberry vine

Hacienda Jalisco was where we stayed the night.  It has three rooms upstairs and a museum below.  At one time there were 120 slaves all working on mining and smelting silver with a huge complex of ovens in the grounds.  Now it serves as a simple bed and breakfast and coffee growing business with a quirky museum below..

Coffee beans drying in the sun

The back courtyard of the hacianda

Fireplace in one of the bedrooms

It still has the original paintwork

One of the bathrooms

Bedside table

Central heating

Chilling on the verandah

Channelling Frida without the birds.

Hacienda kitchen

Coffee roasting room

Back verandah


Room with a view

Walls of ovens in the grounds

Stone man by Bella and Drew

I heart Jalisco

Nico on the verandah

Meals are served in the courtyard

Table laid for dinner

The fountain was converted into a fire pit

Fried plantanes drizzled with honey for dessert

Isabelle channeling Nancy Drew with a kerosene lamp.  With no electricity all the rooms are lit with lamps.

In the courtyard

In the courtyard

In the courtyard

Mexicans invented hammocks and transformed life for sailors.

Nico channeling Diego Rivera

“Resistance is useless”

Family group

Family group

Front porch

An abundance of bougainvillea.

The entryway into the courtyard

Bella on the front verandah

Clare with Joe, who runs the hotel and processes the coffee

Family group in the town square of San Sebastian

On the gazebo

Around the town square

Setting up shops for the day

Church entry

The beautifully restored painted interior of the church of San Sebastian with a depiction of his martyrdom above the altar.

Ceiling detail

Having a very bad day

Clerestory detail.

Altar fresco

Church courtyard gate onto the street

Street scene

Baskets for sale in the market

Chairs for all manner of bears

Toys and miniatures



wandering the streets

Inside a home

Rooster on a wall

Wandering the streets

Wandering the streets


Dad’s place


Silver-smithing workshop.



Adobe walls

Grocery store


Business on the square

View of the church tower from the zocolo

Restaurant where we had lunch

Coffee roasting business

Tiny sampling cups

Bird in a tree

Who are you looking at?

I told you not to stare!!!

Donkey in the shade

Copperware for sale at the side of the road