Horse Riding in La Cruz

The La Cruz Kids’ Club went on an excursion to a nearby ranch to try their hands at horse-riding.  The horses were beautifully trained, very calm and very responsive to their amateur commands.

Watching and waiting

Black stallion trained to dance.

Black stallion trained to dance

Bella and stallion

Silver pommel on dress saddle

Embroidery detail on saddle.  All the embroidery is done using agave fibers.

Details of dress saddle

Agave embroidery on dress saddle.

“I’m doing my best sir!”

Laso demonstration

This is how it’s done

Nico with Merle from Kenta Anae

Brushing down the horses before saddling them

Isabelle and Matero


It’s as easy as riding a horse

“I’m on a horse”

Bella on horseback

Doing circuits

Leading the pack

Hi ho Silver

Merle from Kenta Anae does his own bit of lasoing

…and catches Matero.

The black stallions were brought out to display their dancing skills.


Offering his hoof for applause


Bella with the stallion

Nico with the stallion

Isabelle shampooing one of the horses

The prize rodeo bull which earned the ranch a couple of pick up trucks in prizes for being impossible for anyone to ride.  On the ranch he is very docile.

We decided to have lunch on the beach after our horseriding

Nico wondered if he could go waterskiing on rocks.

Setting up the picnic

Robinson Crusoe

Isabelle with Judith and Susanna