Exit Galapagos Stage North

Southern tip of Isla Isabele

Sun setting over Isla Isabela

Our route north past Isla Isabele

South of the Equator

Crossing the Equator again going north

North of the Equator

First sighting of Isla Wolf

Crew popping up to say “Hello”

Isla Wolf

Watch equipment

The men of the Ironbarque

Approaching Isla Darwin

Getting out the binoculars

Bird watching

Isabelle with Darwin Rock behind

Looking like the Arc de Triomphe in the middle of the Pacific, Darwin Rock was a thrill to see.

Ken sailed us past the last point of the Galapagos archepelego.

Isla Darwin

Thousands of birds circle the cliff of Isla Darwin

Frigates and boobies circle the boat

Birds above Isla Darwin and the rock.

Leaving the Galapagos behind us

A rainbow slices through a rain cloud

Matthew, the Hobbit, listens to music in the companionaway

We got our own “Lord of the Rings” special effects with the boat on a heel.

Watching the sunset.

Watching the sunset

The sunset they’re watching

Reading time on deck

Sometimes night watches can be uneventful and sometimes you end up catching dinner for the next 5 nights.

Being alone on watch, Matthew had to haul in his catch and secure it to the boat so he could go below for all the equipment.

Matthew prepares to process his tuna.  It is extremely hard to gut and quarter such a large fish by headlamp.

Once you catch your fish, you make buns for fabulous fish burgers.

Serve your tuna burgers with chips and a salad of beans, tomatoes and bacon

Looking over the companionway.

The next day’s lunch arriving on board

In case you missed it the first time.

Having actually had some wind to sail by as we left the Galapagos we soon returned to the oily silk of the ITCZ

Flat water and flat wind

Evening on deck

Another fireball

Kindly requesting that this boobie find somewhere else to poop.

A tiny robin extremely far from land and in need of a rest.

Purple sky

Landfall after 8 days.  Acapulco comes into sight.