Trip To Taxco

We took a day trip to the silver town of Taxco, nearly 4 hours from Acapulco.  We stopped for a mid morning breakfast along the way at La Parota. The were known for their cinnamon coffee and panceques (large sweet cakes that were a cross between a cup cake and a pan cake - very good).


Passing traffic

The town of Taxco is plastered to the hillsides

Heading into the center

Homes built around one of the mines and the sports field built on the tailings

We caught a cable car up to the hill top

Wall paintings inside the cable car building

The kids set off in their car

Inside the cable car building

Wall painting

View from the cable car

View from the cable car

View from the cable car

Inside the cable car

Old silver mine on the hill with sports field made on top of the tailings

Houses built up the sides of the hill


Non traditional art

The cable car building at the top

The hotel at the top of the hill

The Jaguar in the hotel at the top of the hill

Artwork in the foyer of the hotel Monte Taxco


Roof terrace

Pool with a view.  You can really see the extent of the buildings clinging to the hillsides.

The town of Taxco extending up the hillside

The fam.

Calendar with the expiration date of 21/12/2012.

Taxco cathedral.  A town benefactor who made millions in silver built the cathedral for his son who became a priest.

Old Taxco

Silver shop made to look like a mine

Old Taxco

Old Taxco

For Aunt Julia

Bird collection surrounding the windows



The old centre was closed to traffic during Semana Santa so we walked.

Stairway and villas


Taxco is known for its graphic Holy Week processions in which hooded penitents walk carrying punishments.  We were there on the Monday, rather than the Friday but there are statues that show you what the human penitents had taken as penance on that good day.

This one is carrying branches of organ pipe cactus.

This one is carrying a cross and flagellation chains

This one is carrying candles that drip hot wax onto his hands.

Statue of the cathedral benefactor in the Cathedral square. The cathedral was built by a mine owner to ensure an adequate church for his son the parish priest.

Gold leaf altar piece

Side altar

Altar decorated from Palm Sunday

Altar piece

Looking back to the organ loft

Craft sellers in the Cathedral square

The stairs leading up to our restaurant for lunch

Enjoying the view

They have a statue of Christ on the hillside. Across Mexico, they have many such statues.

Looking down on a roof terrace.

Roof terraces

Restaurant view

The town’s name means ball court.

Shop entrance

Beautiful multicolored stonework.

Cobbled streets of shops