Acapulco - Three Years Later

We decided to have lunch at La Perla restaurant at La Mirador hotel while watching the cliff divers.

Stairs to the viewing platform for the cliff diving show.

We sat where the glitterati of Hollywood had sat before us.

Diver heading down the steps to enter the water.

Diver swimming across to the other side

Attaching the rope across the entrance

A diver climbs to the cliff-top

The divers suspend a rope across the entrance to keep spectator boats out and to help them judge the level of the surge

.The divers dived in from the left hand side, swam across the water and then they each climbed up the cliff face.  Spectators could pay $4 to enter the viewing platform.

Divers arrayed on the cliff watching another somersaulting

.A diver approaches the water

A diver summersaults.

A pair of divers approaches the water.

You can see the diver upside down in the middle of the tan rock

The divers each said a prayer in front of the shrine before each dive.

The grand finale was a dive from the very top ledge.  It was preceded by lengthy prayers in front of both shrines.

Once the show was over the spectator boats headed away

Dessert time

Just like the hand prints outside Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, La Perla Restaurant has signature walls from all the stars who visited Acapulco in its hay day.

Roy Rogers and Bob Hope

Walt Disney and Clint Eastwood

Rita Hayworth

Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fischer

Movie projector in the signature room

Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson

Follow that cab!

All Acapulco taxis are blue and white VW bugs

Looking across the bay from the fort towards the yacht club

Crossing the drawbridge into San Diego Fort in Acapulco.  The fort was built to protect the town from the threat of pirates (mostly English).

Canon in the fort

Heading up to the fort wall

Military helicopter flies overhead


The design of the fort is very similar to the one in St Augustine Florida.

Acapulco used to be a huge trading port for galleons coming from China and the Philippines.  The fort had samples of the sorts of goods that were imported.

Text here, Bella


Navigation equipment

Upholstery inside the carriage

Carpeted stairs

Timeline of ancient pottery

Timeline of ancient pottery

Timeline of ancient pottery

Timeline of ancient pottery

Imported porcelain

Imported porcelain

Imported porcelain

Porcelain in a chest

Religious articles


A china cabinet with a most beautiful design



Treasure chest with combination locks on the lid

Source of the term “filibuster”

Sir Francis Drake made his mark on this coast and in the Galapagos.

Nico and Isabelle loved the kitchen

Nico thought the fake meat was hilarious

The kitchen was beautiful

Painted box

Model galleon

Chapel in the fort

Chapel wall

Chapel wall

View from the ramparts

Isabelle on the ramparts

View over the fort walls

Look how Mum is being dwarfed by her offspring

Spot the beautiful yellow-breasted bird