GALAPAGOS DAYS - Visit to Bellavista

Our new friends from S/V Breighan, a long way from Minnesota , after we all had dinner in town.

Isabelle had no trouble volunteering to clean the boat

Peter Schiess, our agent, has a milk herd and he generously gave us some fresh milk.  Since it had to be boiled, I decided to turn it into flan.  Only later did I realize what a terrible dish it is to make in a rocky anchorage with sloshing custard in a hot water bath!  However, it turned out beautifully.

The entrance to the restaurant in Bellavista where we had Sunday lunch

The roof of the open air restaurant which only serves food on Sundays.

Ken waiting for lunch in Bellavista

Isabelle waiting for lunch in Bellavista

Nico looking like lunch in Bellavista

White corn kernels and pork rind appetizer for lunch.  The rest disappeared so quickly it never got photographed.  It was deliciously varied and not too spicy.  The salad combinations were wonderful.

We were greeted by these gorgeous kids selling bags of chopped up sugar cane, which one chews and sucks before spitting out the fiber. The boy in the middle is holding a spent can of foam which all the locals were using to douse each other as part of Carnival celebrations.  In Ecuador it is typical to pour water from balconies onto passersby but there are not many balconies on the island.

The kids wanted to take turns taking photos with the camera

So we obliged

There was a wonderfully imaginative playground making use of cheap materials which the children told us had been initiated by an English speaking lady a few years before.

A jumping course

A very tight squeeze

Flintstones slide

Climbing ropes


Sugar cane juicing machine in Bellavista.  The canes are fed through from the far side and emerge up the side of the board while the juice pours out of the spout.  It is made completely of wood so that the flavour is not affected.  Ecuador produces a lovely sugar cane alcohol, which is the basis of a refreshing lime cocktail called Caiparina.

The sugar cane after the juice has been extracted.  The juice is sold straight up in cups.  We saw locals filling a baby’s bottle with some, too!