Day in Turtle Bay


Tortoise inexplicably on the pathway

Bay watch


Into the surf

Close encounters

Bella on a beach on the equator at noon

Bella and a thundercloud

Bella takes a walk with an iguana

Iguana trails

Iguana crossing

Nico and iguana

Nico and shore bird

All this is normally under water

Still life

Hanging around

Keeping dry

Nico and friend

Bella snorkelling

Nico snorkelling

Heron heads in

The trapped fish were easy to see without a snorkel

A serious blue footed boobie

Boy in a pool

Iguana among the roots

Iguana on a rock

Sally Lightfoot Crab

Crabs on the beach

Boy on a beach

Nico and Bella in the surf

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

Nico on the beach iguana watching.

Shore bird

Tiny shore bird and tiny crabs

New life arrives on shore

The long trek

The "Leo" strut

Lizard. There were so many lizards that one had to watch where one walked.

The birds are so tame they hop right up to you




Cactus tree in bloom


Springing from the rock

Cactus flower

I heart Galapagos

Dancing all the way home

View inland

View over the bay