Last Days in La Cruz


The town square in La Cruz is the hub of activities from evening volley ball to Sunday market.

Inside the church with its huge glass free windows.

The façade of the La cruz church and the bells that punctuate the day.

The shady tree-lined square looking towards Claudia’s taqueria where her husband makes pork carnitas in a huge cauldron outside.

Claudia bought me fresh corn masa from the mill and taught me how to make corn tortillas.  She also gave me a recipe for sweet tortillas.  We had many lovely conversations over fresh squeezed orange juice.

The morning’s catch at the fish market.

Isabelle and her friend found caves in the rocks of the sea wall.

They found all sorts of flotsam and jetsam with which to furnish it.

It was tricky to get into…

And involved some acrobatics.

But it was worth it.

Isabelle set to work weaving a sign for their home.

Their goodies and the sign post Isabelle wove out of palm fronds.

Isabelle had salsa classes from Lilly Alcantara who is a performer in a show called Fandango in Puerto Vallarta .

It was a beautiful setting on the roof of the yacht club.

With a view out over the water…

And the sunset.

Local artisans at the Sunday market in La Cruz.

Wooden forms are covered in bees wax and colored seed beads are pressed into the wax to make the traditional designs.

Batches of beads in each colour are held on threads which the artist pushes up onto a needle in order to release each bead into the wax.

Instead of a movie the marina had a performance from a French cruising couple who put on an acrobatic show on their boat.

Isabelle, Nico and their friends rugged up warm against a sudden cold snap to enjoy the show.

They used all the parts of the boat.

The view from up on the sea wall

They started with a comedy act of a captain and his incompetent crew.

With some quite spectacular feats…

And tricks

Despite the blustery wind.

Flocks of little sailors out learning on the bay.

They were like little butterflies.

We set off across the beach for dinner one night.

As the sun was setting.

Coconut washing ashore

Fisherman checking his nets.

Restaurant on the beach.

Boats parked by the restaurant

Restaurant on the beach run by French Canadians who seemed to spend more time drinking than getting the order right.

Dinner on the beach with Marianne and Theo.

Nico doesn’t often get to sit on the wall at restaurants.

As the sun goes down.

Just to prove to Aunt Julia, and to show friends who want to know what it looks like, here is a photo of my Jerbo Slice.

Foreigners in Mexico are not allowed to sell goods, so cruisers trade or “sell” items “for coconuts”.  We have traded storage boxes for bread, helped someone rig a boat and received a watermelon and then finally Matthew tried valiantly to trade our old anchor for some fish from the market.  However, none of the fishermen were interested.  They make light anchors out of rebar and could not make use of it.  Finally a fellow cruiser exchanged a box of beer for it.