Departure from La Cruz


In preparation for our first ocean leg we took the boat out into the bay to do reefing drills and to practice man-over-board procedures.  To add to the delight of the beautiful day we were greeted by a whale.

Clare took the helm while Ken and Drew stowed the lazy jacks.

Matthew acted as our man overboard so we could practice boat manoevers to return to him.

It was quite a tough job.

Drew was pointer.

First we practiced getting into the sling.

This is how to grip it.

Dry run rescue from the dinghy.

Then the real thing from the water.

This going overboard is way too much fun.

Nico comes back onboard in the sling.

Girl overboard.

Rescuing Bella with the sling.

Safe and sound back on board.

The rope net was good for grabbing hold and getting some part of your body into it.

But in hauling it up, the balance could shift.

Isabelle entering the net.

Matthew coming aboard in the net.  You will notice that Drew is nowhere to be seen.  That is because he is the one expertly handling the winch for the halyard, lifting his siblings from the water and lowering them gently onto the deck again.

The best piece of equipment was the “tri buckle”.  It is shaped like a sail with the foot attached to the side of the boat and the head attached to the halyard.  The person in the water scrambles in….

…and is rolled up the side of the boat onto the deck...

Till they are safe and sound on board again.

It was the most comfortable and fool proof of the devices.

It held the person close to the side of the boat without swinging.

Parting from friends is very hard.  Isabelle always manages to make a crocheted gift.

She, in turn, received a lovely length of fabric.

Isabelle sees all textiles as something with which to create a work of beauty or function.  She made her friend a palm frond fan.

Wilson took up a new life as a figurehead for one of the boats in the marina.

The day of our departure finally came about.

Isabelle took the helm for our reluctant departure from La Cruz.

Matthew hoisted the ensign.

Our first stop was across the bay in Puerto Vallarta so we could complete immigration procedures.

The mall in Puerto Vallarta sandwiched between two cruise ships.  The boys took themselves there by bus earlier in our stay from La Cruz in order to catch the first show of the day for 10 pesos and they got to see “Tron Legacy”

Coming in to Puerto Vallarta to tie up at the Port Captain’s dock we found two enormous cruise ships taking up both dock and airspace with a network of dock-lines making our approach impossible.  Ken masterfully sidled into a slot on the ferry dock just long enough to let Clare leap off with documents in hand to complete arrival and departure paperwork.

The return for pickup was not so easy, dodging jetskis and competing with a constant rotation of whale watching ferries.  After numerous unsuccessful circuits of the harbor a panga was sighted and waved down. Clare and Matthew were able to jump on board amid the mountains of recycling while the kind skipper brought us safely to the boat.  The last act of friendship among so many as we leave this wonderful country.

Heeled over we get to see the ocean instead of the sky through the salon ports.

The first few days were very light on wind so we poled out the genoa.

When life gives you lemons…

…you make iced muffins.

Matthew returned to his role as bread baker.

Nico kept himself busy with his Lego and movies on his computer.

Dramatic scenes of rescue from destruction.

Sailing into the sunset once more.

A boobie ordained himself ‘lookout’.

And got comfortable for the long haul when we got so little wind we had to bring down the sails.

The spare halyard got twisted around the head of the stay sail, requiring Matthew to haul Ken up the mast at sea.

Mission accomplished, Ken slid down the stay sail.

All is well