Clare’s Birthday in Puerto Vallarta


Indulgent calorific birthday breakfast.  The blueberry pie was a gift from our friends on Hana Crew.  The incredible chocolate cake was made by one of the staff at the Palapa restaurant in the La Cruz marina.

Just to prove to Aunt Julia that it could be done on a boat, Clare made Hungarian Jerbo Slice, which we enjoyed with coffee made in her new French press.

We caught the bus into Puerto Vallarta for lunch and sightseeing.  Here we are channeling Renoir with granitas and Perrier in the Porto Bello restaurant overlooking the marina in Puerto Vallarta .

Specially made ciopino

Chocolate crepes for dessert.

Neopolitan icecream.

I can has coffee???

The waiters brought me a beautiful dessert…

And sang me Happy Birthday

After lunch we took the bus to the old town center.

And went exploring.

First we checked out the church in the square.

Then we walked down to the water and along the malecon.

He sells superheroes by the seashore.

The superheroes he sells are super I’m sure.

We had the extra bonus of an extraordinary display of sand sculptures.

Hyroglyphics in the sand.

Egyptian beauty.

Geza in Vallarta.

Sea Iguana.

Our Lady of Guadalupe , Mexico ’s patron.  Her affectionate nick name is Lupita.

Santa’s sleigh with artists taking a lunch break in the background.

Merry Christmas from Puerto Vallarta .

View down the water-front.

God creating Adam out of sand.

Art restoration beach style.

In the Mexican tradition, Puerto Vallarta ’s malecon is lined with spectacular sculptures.

These unusual figures were either climbing skyward or descending from an unseen danger.

Since they did not reply…..

Nico thought he would find out where they were heading.

This buff bronzed artist posed and preened and periodically tested the balance of his improbable sculptures while picture snapping onlookers held their collective breath.

Puerto Vallarta ’s parochial church within sight of the water front.

Exquisitely light and airy, sparkling with gold detail, the interior of the parochial church.

Santa Isabel with her basket of bread.

Charming cobbled streets extended up the hillside back from the waterfront.

On the bus ride home various hawkers came through with buckets full of refreshments, calling out, “Agua, refrescos, papitas”, before exiting at the back.  These two musicians came on and serenaded us for miles, finishing with a birthday song for me.  It was a delightful soundtrack to our spine crunching bus ride.

As we walked back through La Cruz from the bus stop we picked up some more great food off the back of a truck.  This time it was tangerines.

The sun goes down on a truly perfect day