Fun in La Cruz


Bahia Banderas is a classic stepping off point for cruisers heading south or across the Pacific and there are far more families here than anywhere else along the way.  We had a spontaneous potluck lunch with our new friends on Hana Crew.

While we were in La Cruz we took the time to catch up on reading.

And catch up on maintenance.

Matthew took apart and serviced 8 winches and Clare sewed covers for them all at last. 

The marina tried to catch a rogue cat with a juicy plate of shrimp and got a rather shame-faced possum instead.

The next town along the bay is Bucerias.  There is a sizeable gringo population and a small stretch of arty shops and restaurants. This was painted on the wall of a restaurant there.

Patricia and Joanne run a charming guest house called Casa Tranquila and adjoining it, across a quiet courtyard, is a little second-hand English bookshop and café.  They also support a charity to help obtain reconstructive surgery for children with cleft palates or burns.

If you are lucky you can get bread pudding or cinnamon rolls in the café.  We just stocked up on great books for the next big crossing.

We went to a street art festival in Bucerias where there were chalk artists and local restaurants offering sample fare.

Chalk artist in Bucerias.

Finishing touches.

Eating in the street in Bucerias.

Street musician in Bucerias.

This picture just came off the sidewalk and grabbed you.

Walking back up the arroyo in Bucerias to catch the bus on the highway.

Chickens in the arroyo.

In Mexico great food comes off the back of a truck.  Tasty tacos, beautiful vegetables, fresh coconuts and these cakes.

Isabelle and the crew of Cayleigh dressed for the Pirates of the Caribbean night.  Boat-made swords and hand-sewn costumes.

Lefty and Harpoon Harleigh.

Rum, the tipsy parrot, hand crocheted by Isabelle (and the reason she won the costume contest).

Captain Hook and Peter Pan.

Pirate in the rigging.

Pirates on the seawall.

Pirate encounters.

The crew of a yacht on our dock had been charged with putting together a Sun Fish for their owner but had trouble with the English manual.  Ken happily showed them how to put it together and sail it.  They very sweetly came by afterwards with a huge watermelon as thanks.

The crew was lucky to get the boat back; Ken was having so much fun.

Can I have a turn, now, Dad?

Off by bus to Nuevo Vallarta to celebrate a birthday in Paradise Village .

Encounters with crocodiles in Paradise Village .  These pools had spectacularly fast crocodile water slides and underwater caves.

Birthday cruiser style.

The beach in Nuevo Vallarta, where Nico fell in love with boogie boarding.

Paragliding in paradise.

UV protection Vallarta style.

The Mayans never had it like this.

The world upside down.

Sticks and storks.

Commuting La Cruz style.

In Mexico there is loud….

And there is mariachi loud.

These enthusiastic players were charged with setting the mood for the fishermen of La Cruz to decorate their boats for the trip to Bucerias… celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Peace.  The festivities came at the end of a 9 day celebration which culminated in fireworks and the burning of a decorative pyre.

Boys and balloons for the trip to Bucerias.


Bougainvillea and palm fronds on fishing nets start the process

And it ends up like this.

The owner of this boat was especially proud of his decoration, not least because his was finished before anyone else had started.

Still blowing up balloons as they head for the bay. Fishing nets make decorative balloon carriers.

Loaded to the gunwales they all set off without a life jacket between them.  On arriving in Bucerias they all had to surf in on the sizeable swell yet there was not a single incident.

Despite the speed that they were going.

Fishermen saints atop their pilot house.

Cacophony of colour rounding the breakwater.