Tres Marietas Islands


We set off for a day to explore the Tres Marietas Islands in the entrance to Banderas Bay . 

Very quickly the islands came into view.

The profile of the middle island is very distinctive.  The outcrops looked like giant petrified seal and otter heads.  The gap between the islands is marked by rolling surf.

We anchored in this bay.

The bay looks deceptively tranquil in this picture but we were unable to take the dinghy ashore.  It was truly frustrating because there were so many interesting caves and inlets.  We had hoped to snorkel but it was too cold and too rough.

Windswept waves run between the islands.

It would have been fun to explore on sea kayaks but inflatable dinghies would have been shredded.  A party of tourists had gone ashore but their panga and pilot were moored outside the surf, unable to get back to retrieve them.

Ken and Matthew each took the dinghy out to explore and were turned back by the rough water, but not before Ken captured this frigate bird flying over the mast.

Since we could not go ashore we spent the day eating delicious chicken and dumplings with peach and apple crumble, followed by an afternoon nap.

We stayed into the evening until this Van Gogh moment as we weighed anchor.  We got back to La Cruz in darkness, to the magical sight of masthead lights on all the anchored boats dangling like suspended stars over the bay.