Life in La Paz

After more than a week at sea it was lovely to be able to set up the table and enjoy a cuppa on the deck.

After reading “Treasure Island”, Lefty the Pirate found his way to La Paz

With the help of his treasure map.

It was a short stroll from the marina along the water along the beach to the Beach Club.

Over the beach and through the sand to the beach club we go.

To Infinity and beyond.

The Marina Costa Baja Beach Club is incredibly lovely and Ken and Clare enjoyed a few mojitos there in the evenings.

Sadly there is no camping out at night. 

The famed Club Cruceros in La Paz serves not only cruisers but local charities and holds an annual auction and sale to raise money for scholarships.

Club Cruceros has a well organized mail system whereby fellow cruisers act as mail carriers to and from the States and Canada.  The masters of paying it forward.

One thing cruisers do a lot of is reading, and even the smallest shelves in marinas become the location of a book exchange.  The Club Cruceros exchange in Marina La Paz, however, is in another league altogether, and there is even an organized video loan library.

The waterfront from Marina La Paz.

Boats bobbing on the waterfront with pelicans in double- chinned contemplation of their reflections.

The Malarcon is a delightful 7 miles of wide walkway along the waterfront in La Paz.  It makes the water accessible to everyone.

Thanksgiving was celebrated on deck

A feast for which to be thankful.

Low tide is very dramatic.  Isabelle’s shell collecting turned up two that had become condos for crabs and which became Ironbarque’s first pets.

Sparrows took to our cockpit.

Sea food dinner on the Malecon followed by ice creams from Thrifty.

Boats anchored in the bay behind Matthew and Drew.

Nico and Bella enjoying ice creams with a view.

Nico and his cono sensillo de fresa.

Boats in the marina decorated for Christmas.

The tree in Government Square.

The highlight of our stay in La Paz was the Christmas pageant in the forecourt of the Palacio del Gobierno.  The performers were from the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico who had just come from performing at Chapultapec Castle in Mexico City.

The performance started when a troupe of devils hustled the host offstage.  The basic Christmas story was spiced up with a gutsy battle between St Michael, his angel warriors and some determined devils.  Nico was charmed by the procession of children with wheeled sheep searching for Bethlehem.

The singing, dancing and costumes were gorgeous.  Once the Magi arrived each one took turns hosting a demonstration of dances from different regions.  Most spectacular was a lasso handler who ended his exhausting tour de force by cinching himself and his flirtatious foil in a victorious rope bound embrace. 

Before getting ready to leave Clare took 3 days to finish the new wind scoop, cramming the sewing in once the heat of the sun faded but before the light did.