Friends in La Paz


We enjoyed the beautiful crafts at the art fair in Palmira with Mardi from Salt Shaker.


Three Little Monkeys in Marina Palmira.  Nico became a founding member of the Jim fan club.  Thanks to Jim, Nico now knows how to burn holes in cockpits using a magnifying glass.


Enjoying raspados after the walk from Palmira into town.


Terry on Cetus uses a rear view car camera to monitor the cockpit when he is off watch and he amused Nico by taking the camera below so Nico could watch the monitor


Nico watched the monitor from under his sweater


After months of online correspondence the kids met their new friends from Sun Break


Isabelles squared.


Our great friends from Ensenada, Jake and Cindy from Kaunu, greeted us in Costa Baja


The wonderful lady who made this doll was featured in a magazine I saw in the Allende bookshop.  I was thrilled to be able to meet her and to be able to buy one of the beautiful dolls she dresses in regional costumes.  This one is from Todos Santos.


The greatest treasures of the sea are the people we meet.  Leta, from Panoya   gave us treasures and friendship.  She ran a wonderful workshop in making bent wire bangles in the Panga restaurant at Marina Palmira.

Leta provided us with all the tools we needed.  Diana from Prairie Oyster hammers her clasp.

Isabelle works on hers.

Heidi from Cetus.

Leta showing Clare how to wrap the beads onto the firmer wire base.

With a collection of beads given to me by Diana from S/V Prairie Oyster, which, in turn were given to her by another cruiser, I was able to finish my bangle.