Marina Life La Paz

The marina at Costa Baja was a beautiful place to spend a month.

The water in marina Costa Baja is so clear it is like living in a tropical aquarium.

Nico and the crew of Feliz at the playground.  They took him to try a “coco loco” on the Malecon by Marina Palmira, but he decided coconuts, lime and chili don’t mix.

Nico and the crew of Feliz returning from the playground.

Jimmy Buffet’s protégé on Feliz.

Nico and the impromptu band on Feliz.

Isabelle and some of the ladies in Marina Palmira working on beaded bracelets as Christmas gifts for charity.

We first met Sue, from Sea Raven, and Diane, from Prairie Oyster, when we were in Ensenada and it was wonderful to meet up with them again.

Some of the 42 bracelets we made for the ladies and young girls in the colonias and shelters.