November 16, 2010: Bahia Tortuga

The trip to Bahia Tortuga (Turtle Bay) was only a few days. There was little wind but sufficient swell for the little ones, and even Drew and Matt, to get sea sick. Clare and I take drugs without shame and in large quantities so missed the worst of it. Uncle Wal is an accomplished sailor, has a similar attitude to medications, and was always stalwart. We settled into a watch system.

Belle loves sunsets.

The wind was light and we relied on a mixture of power and sail so that the boat performed well.  The engine was leaking from one of the injectors that defied being tightened down.

Bahia Tortuga is a lovely bay with a sparse but welcoming population. There is a small hotel and a few simple restaurants.  They will bring deisel out to your boat via panga.  The governement subsidised grocery store is clean and well stocked with fuandamentals if not that great a source of fresh fruit and vegetables. We bought a fresh and nicely filleted Bonito from the Fuel Dock.

We tried out our anchoring bridle in the bay. Despite very fresh winds at night the anchor held well and the bridle prevented jerking.

We had a celebratory feast of the last of our beef and yorkshire pudding.

We were having continued problems with the injector and some suspicious behaviour from our six year old batters so we set a course direct to La Paz.

The boys and, Clare and Uncle Wal departing Bahia Tortuga.
I caught a yellowfin Tuna.  Uncle Wal helped make excellent tuna tacos.
Small squid committed suicide on the deck each night. Unfortunately, by the time morning came round, none of them seemed that delectable. The photgraph to left is from Drew.
The trip to La Paz was uneventful. Everyone overcame their seasickness. We settled into a routine.

Nico taught his bear to play superman chess.

Belle worked away at her crochet.

The boat performed well.

By the night of November 19th Clare and I were at the helm as we rounded the blustery Cabo San Lucas. With just the staysail up we were making 10 knots

By the evening of November 20th we were docked at Marina Costa Baja in la Paz.

Uncle Wal had had an urgent "recall message" from home and bid such a hasty "Farewell" that we did not even get a final photograph.