November 3, 2010: San Diego - The Start of the Trip

The decision to come back up to San Diego was rather spur of the last moment. The ogic behind the trip north was simple. We have several "severe the ties" things to do that had not managed to get themselves done from Ensenada. The border wait times coming north have become unliveable at almost all hours of the day. There were wills to rewrite, pages to put into my passport, a car to sell, an annoying problem with the autotuning of the HF radio and various other activities on the to do list.

We came to the Point Loma Marina for a week. Its expensive but they had room.

We docked after dark. In the morning Nico woke up and poked his head up the main hatch to take a look. In front of him were rows and rows of boats at fixed moorings. "Dad, Dad, the docks have sunk like when the sea lions have sat on them". "No, Nico, those boats are just moored."

The kids all had their own "we are really going oh no" moments. Belle became very attached to our van. Now this is the van that we bought just after I had blown my spinal disc back in April. This was after we had sold both our previous cars and as we were in San Diego readying to depart (sounds familiar, no). I could barely walk and it was not obvious that we were going to sail anywhere. It was obvious that since our boat (our home) was in Ensenada and spine surgeons I wanted to see were in US California, a california registered vehicle mnade sense.

So that is Belle saying Good Bye to a 2008 Chrysler that we bought from and then sold back to Scott. That is the aft view of Scott walking down the dock with me after he had dropped me back to the boat and had been given the Cook's Tour of the vessel. Scott made good money on both transactions. In fact he made out like a bandito. Scott is unfailingly polite and very charming. There is a life lesson there.

We had an "Open Boat"; again! Just like 12 months ago. And our ever patient friends came to visit and put together a wonderful pot luck lunch. For all of them coming meant a long distance drive. Nabil not only searched souther california for excellent arabic coffee he also manned the galley to brew it.
My brother Paul flew out to join us for the first few legs. His friend Ramone, and children, came to visit as well.
We stayed a week. I finally got my passport back with its new pages. Apparently I triggered some form of CBP alert with my application and my passport was initially held.

Jeff Hartman processed our wills at lightening speed. Thanks, Jeff.

Shea fixed the HF problem with a simple sound card change on the NAV computer.

On the down side, the main engine surfaced a diesel leak from at least two of the injectors that had been just recently serviced.

We left the USA on the evening of November 11th to catch the morning tide in Ensenada.