October 30, 2010: Sailing on Bahia Todos Santos

The view from the boat in the morning. With our various delays we are set to leave 12 months later than originally planned. I had kept working throughout the various setbacks and we had constantly worked on the boat. Fixing mostly little things but also tending to rust that we found. There had been no sailing and just trips to San Diego under power. Although these trips had provided valuable training, including navigation in thick fog, they provided no sailing experience.

So on Saturday, October 30, we woke early and prepared for sea. With Sergio Quinonez Leyva and Ryan (Pete's grandson) aboard for the day, we set sail on Bahia Todos Santos (All Saints Bay).

All Saints Bay is large and hosts three guardian islands at its mouth. The bay is clean and full of birds, seals, dolphins and fish. We caught only weed this day.

We sailed around them in 15-19 knots and bright sunshine. It was cold in the wind. It took most of the afternoon.

The three youngest had a harder time with seasickness. The daysail served as a reminder that we would be adjusting to life at 35 degrees tilt.

Nico's Día de los Muertos paper skeleton has become both our inclinometer and mascot.

Sergio, who had done more than anyone to make the boat what it is, took the helm for a while.

"Sergio, are you OK?"

"Yes, a little sick."

"Have you been out here before?"

"Yes. Once. In a powerboat. This is the first time I have sailed around these islands."

"Is this good?"

"Yes. Very good."

Thank you, Sergio.

Nico recovered from his seasickness and insisted on Pizza for dinner. There is an excellent pizzeria / Santo Tomas wine shop in Ensenada; Covelli – Pizzas a la Lena.

All in all it went very well.

The Day of the Dead, November 2nd, is Mexican Holloween. Its much less about candy and much more about the dead compared to the US variant. The mixing of native and christian rituals is very evident in the votive displays laid out all over town.

Belle had her last dance class on the Monday after our sail. She had taken advantage of the forced delays and studied both Folklorica and Flamenco - that is one of her teachers to her left. The class came complete with its own Día de los Muertos party.