LaCruz Arrival


Clare motored the boat out of the anchorage at Isla Isabel.

Mama can go home happy since seeing this whale slap the water repeatedly as we left Isla Isabel.

We sailed through the afternoon and into a beautiful mother-of-pearl evening.  Clare had made fruit buns before we weighed anchor so everyone sat on deck in the evening, munching happily and enjoying the beautiful sailing.

Approaching La Cruz. on Banderas Bay.

Everybody was roused from their bunks to watch our approach to La Cruz after our overnight passage from Isla Isabel.

Drew steered us into Banderas Bay and did donuts until we were able to radio the marina office for a slip.

Matthew readies the dock-lines as we approach La Cruz.

The breakwater at the entrance to the marina.

The fishing boats at the entry to the marina.

Putting the main to bed again.

La Cruz marina is really beautiful.  Ironbarque is the boat in front of the yellow building with the red ensign flying.  It seems to me that people take their power boats to Mexico just to be washed.  Every day jovial teams of young men scrub and polish and wipe down vast uninhabited fiberglass fishing boats to the voluble strains of mariachi.

The marina building houses a lovely verandah restaurant, function room, and a convenience store.

Yachts anchored outside the marina beyond the sea wall.

This is the beach by the marina in La Cruz.

The water front in La Cruz.

The movie theater screen can be seen in the middle of the picture on the breakwater of the marina.

In the corner of the sea wall the marina has an amphitheater where they show movies every Thursday night and serve margaritas at intermission.  Tonight’s movie was “Captain Ron”.  In the end the family decides against selling the sailboat they have inherited and decide to make a life on board the boat.  Loud cheers, of course, rose up from the crowd.

The marina is also home to the fishing fleet and a very shiny clean fish market where fresh fish are for sale every day.

This fisherman couldn’t believe that one of the cruisers wanted only a sliver of this one in order to make sushi!!

It took two men to lift their catch from the ice.

The fisherman correctly estimated the weight of this beauty to be 70 kilos.

The quiet streets of La Cruz are cobbled.

There is a community nativity scene in the square.

The new conquistadors invade La Cruz.

The oversized baby Jesus wore lovingly crocheted booties.

Highly unconventional figurines populate the nativity scene in the town square.  Spot the skeleton guarding the treasure chest.

We had a great potluck in the beach palapa and played bocce on the beach.

Bocce on the beach

Picnic in a palapa.

The particular challenges presented by beach terrain.

It was never like this in Italy .

Beach at sunset.

The BBQ ended with a bonfire and the roasting of giant marshmallows.

The Puerto Vallarta remote controlled Laser club brings their fleet to the La Cruz basin because the winds are consistent and there are no party boats getting in the way of their course or signals.

The club members were all so incredibly generous with their coaching and the loan of their boats and remotes.  Nico was on a first name basis with them all and parried comments back and forth.

Nico spent hours sending his laser around the course, learning how far to let out the boom and when to round the markers.

Nico and his fellow armchair sailors.

The boats have a 7lb bulb on the end of a 16 inch keel, which makes them impossible to capsize.

Matthew could not resist the opportunity

The setting for the races was lovely.

Matthew and Nico both took part in a race.  Nico understood the whole concept of weaving around behind the start line and timing the crossing.  Matthew came third and Nico lost track.

Lots of families come to stroll along the sea wall.  This one brought their pet rabbits, which they very sweetly allowed Nico to hold.

Two turkey vultures were just strutting along the beach like farm-yard fowl.

A boy, a boat and a beach.

The sun goes down.

Love from La Cruz