First Aid Kit
We obtained our first aid kit for Category 0 Registration from

We will be happy to provide a copy of the specification upon request or you can contact Dr Spike Briggs at the above for more information. The level of kit we obtained is way more than most people need for littoral cruising. We invested in a full first aid kit because of the distances we intended to travel and because we wanted to obtain a Category 0 survery. This was important to us as a verification of our readiness to sail on the open ocean; we do not intend to operate the vessel commercially. In hindsight, we bought too much. Todate we have treated/given first aid for:

  • Acute gastritis
  • A minor 2nd degree burn
  • Two eye infections
  • Seasickness.
  • Many small finger nicks
  • A disc herniation

One of us is a medical practicioner.  Three others have taken first aid courses. If you have not done a basic first aid course; you should. The things that go wrong in a boat fall into three broad categories:

  • Damage to personnel that occurs as part of sailing. Drowning, hypothermia, sun stroke, breaks, sprains, head injuries, burns and cuts; you name it.  There are plenty of ways to get hurt on a boat. Learn basic first aid!
  • Known medical conditions that worsen.  For each crew member the skipper must be aware of the conditions that could effect the safety of the boat.  Each individual should be able to explain any pre-existsing conditions and the treatments to be used for them.  The use and location of medication bought aboard should be documented so that the medications can be accessed quickly should the need arise.
  • The appearance of a new medical condition in a crew member. People have heart attacks, people have strokes and they do it afloat without intending to cause an inconvenience. You cannot be prepared for everything but basic life support training is easy to get and useful in a general societal way even when not afloat. Go to the American Heart Association web page and find yourself a basic bystander CPR course (or equivalent national Heart Association in your coutnry). The life you save may be your partners!