Immersion Suits

Instructions for Use

This suit should always be worn over appropriate warm clothing with a lifejacket over the suit

Remove all sharp objects from pockets.  Take off you watch and any jewelry.

Donning Instructions

Remove Suit from bag and identify its components.

Flex the neck and wrist cuffs if cold to soften them up.

Remove boots or shoes.

Put feet into leggings and pull suit over legs.

Put right arm into garment and push arm into right hand sleeve and cuff.

Put head into garment and into neck hole.  Pull neck seal down over head.

Pull left hand elbow into garment and push arm into sleeve and cuff.

Close suit by pulling zip slider firmly down.

Remove gloves from pockets and place on hands.

Remove hood from pocket and full ove r head.  Flair out the opening of the hood over the neck seal.

Expel air by easing neck seal away from neck, crouching down and tightening leg straps.

Use waiststrap (found in pocket) to fit suit comfortable to you.