Life Vests
Rearming the Vest

Mk 5 - Exploded

Mk 5 - XSection

Mk 5 Spare Parts

Annual Inspection Form

Here is a sobering thought.

We test, by inflation, each vest annually. Failure is defined as a failure to inflate and maintain inflation for 24 hours.

Over the last three years, the average failure rate is 10% at that annual inspection.

Immersion Suits
Instructions for Use

Annual Inspection Form

These came with the boat. They are simple.  They have no floatation built in. They are remarkably good insulators - we almost pass out from the heat after we don them. You need to practice putting them on!

Annual Service Form

When we are away from easy access to firms such as Ocean Safety, we will test this ourselves or have a general life raft service do it per this instruction.
Personal EPIRB

VECTRA Locator


Annual Service Form

In addition to the 402 EPIRB we carry for the boat, we carry personal ACR MiniB300 ILS units that came with the boat and a VECTRA Locator.