Challenge 72 vessels have four fresh wwater tanks.

In the "as delivered state" aboard Ironbarque:

  1. The Inlet Valves are under the sole in the companionway in the kitchen – PORT SIDE.
  2. The Source Valves are under the sole in the companionway in the kitchen - STBD SIDE.
  3. The fresh water pressurized pump is forward section of kitchen cabinets (X).
  4. The filling inlet for fresh water is in the STBD Head.


  1. Pass the hose, via the deck hatch, into the FRESH water inlet in the STARBORD Head.
  2. The FRESH water inlet is on the left hand far corner of the counter top when entering the head.Lift the floor board as indicated.
  3. When the valve handle points along the long axis of the pipe – the valve is OPEN
  4. OPEN the numbered valve AND CLOSE all others to fill the matching tank.
  5. When a tank has filled, the water will overflow into the forward sink from one of the four breather pipes along the forward edge of the sink.
  6. If you are going to add an anti-microbial to the water, put it into the water inlet at the start of the fill for each tank


To select a tank – use the valves under the floor adjacent to the sink counter.

The valves are arranged in a vertical bank of four on the forward wall of the bulkhead.

They are opposite, and in the same configuration as, the valves that select for the tank to receive the output of the fresh water maker.


There is a replaceable AquaFresh water filter cartridge in line with the foot pump for fresh water that is the LEFT HAND of the two peddles below the forward sink. The cartridge is in the cupboard under the sink.


The same pump pressurizes both the hot and the cold fresh water systems. If your pump is on continuously - check to see if:
  1. You have an empty tank. Change them over and spare the pump.
  2. You have a leak in the system. Check your bilges!

See the DRAWINGS for details on this plumbing.