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Terms of Use

The company responsible for winding up the operations of the Challenge Business has released material to us (and other owners, I assume) only after a release was signed that freed them from any responsbility for the accuracy of the information contained in the attached materials and for injuries relating to its use.

Likewise, we provide no warranty or guarantee as to accuracy or suitability to task related to these materials. You use them at your own risk.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Much of the material that is available here has been obtained from the records of the Challenge Business. Some of the drawings have been revised to remove prominent trademarks as required by the contract of sale for Ironbarque. All the line drawings give credit to Robert Humphreys as the designer of the Class. Credit where credit is due.

Original Design:  Humphreys Yacht Design

That said, Robert Humphrys has no responsibility for the content of these pages.