We loved staying in Ensenada. The people are friendly and helpful. You can get by with just English but people will be happy to let you try in Spanish. The town is safe. You can find most of what you need there and San Diego is just a few hours away for those things that you cannot find. The only reliable pump out and fuel delivery is at Coral Marina north of the main harbor.
Getting there by SAIL
Getting there by Car
Cruiseport Marina

Good value, lowest surge,close to town.

Coral Marina

Worst surge, best facilities, more expensive

Ensenada is heavily focused on servicing the Cruiseships but this seems to be a dwindling trade.

You can see the giant flag down on the muelles from almost all over town.

El Trailero: We think that this is one the best taco place in town - beef, fish or prawn. its on the main road into town near El Sauzal.

Restaurant row in the tourist area. No bad meals but you can do better

Hotel Santa Isabelle. Quaint and inexpesnive. Lousy wifi.

Muelles Tres is a gem of a restaurant down on the quays right up the north end (the Port Captain end). It has a brilliant menu thanks to its talented young chef and creative owner.
This is the Casa del Sol Hotel. We lived here for a while as we waited for Ironbarque to go back into the water. Clean and simple. Good Wifi. Clean and well maintained pool.
Attached to the Casa Del Sol is the Zu Tasa cafe. Great coffee. Nice people and Wifi so good that the big boys made it their schoolroom.
Las Brisas is on the corner of Calle Las Brisas and Blvd Lazaros Cardenas just past the C E Arte. It is small but very welcoming. They do only carne soft tacos and tortas - and they do them well. Always fresh and tasty. Ask Norma for a "Torta a la Ken".

Gringo Gulch a.k.a. 1st Street, the street from which all others are numbered as you move inland from the harbor.

Landmarks On The Way Down
The picture to left is of a giant statue that my kids call the "Stiff Arm Jesus". It is a massive statue of jesus with very stiff arms. He's going rogue.
Not to be outdone, the mormon spires in La Jolla. My kids call it Battle Church Galactica.

On the Mexican side of the border you can buy any one of these or many other stunning momentos of your visit to Mexico.

The contrast in wealth and the quality of governance on either side of this geogrpahical is stark.
Driving to Ensenada means crossing the border. The border to us is long lines of cars going north, beggars and food carts. Going south is generally much smoother.
The drive down the valleys to Ensenada.
Life In Ensenada

Nico's first fish

We ate this one.

Toss this one back - pretty colors though Lauren.

We ate this one! Well bled fresh bonito is grossly underrated.

Thanksgiving At Baja Mama's

Flotsam and jetsom dining at a now closed eatery.
Turkey-day in Ensenada.

Yuletide In Ensenada

Yuletide stockings hanging on the rails that we added throughout the boat. There are never enough places to hang things on a boat.

Skyrocket party with the Deloreans

Shakedown to San Diego

We had a series of shakedown cruises to San Diego. This is the sunset on the Baja coast as we are coming down with the rigging wire on deck.

Early morning in San Diego.

This is the boys on the boom helping to rock her off a sandbank.  Dad, why did we leave at low tide?

Sunset in San Diego.